Introducing – Cedar Lake Travel [b]Log

Introducing – Cedar Lake Travel [b]Log

Dear Friends,

After a long hiatus, our blog is back with a very special new series. Introducing the Cedar Lake Travel [b]Log with guide Billy Bell!

In the coming weeks, every Tuesday, our Travel [b]Log will take you behind the scenes on the company’s tours. Stay connected to Cedar Lake as dancer Billy Bell guides you through all of the backstage fun, mishaps and adventures. Travel with us, meet the dancers and join the Cedar Lake family!

Check out the first installment below and stay tuned tomorrow for a report on the company’s weekend performances in Turin, Italy!


Introducing – Cedar Lake Travel [b]Log from Cedar Lake on Vimeo.

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One Comment

  1. Gabriella
    September 24, 2013

    I see you in Moncalieri (TO) : you are so AMAZING!!!
    You are one of the best Contemporary Dance Company I never see!!!!
    Go on!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for all the emotions you give to us!!!!!
    break a leg for future!!!!! :-)