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Cedar Lake dancers Guillaume Quéau, Joaquim de Santana and Rachelle Scott were featured in a short video for underwear company 2(x)ist. Directed by Mark Ledzian, the short also featured choreography by former Artistic Director Benoit-Swan Pouffer with original score by Mikael Karlsson.

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The Adjustment Bureau

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In 2010 Cedar Lake completed work on The Adjustment Bureau starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt.

Filmed in Manhattan, The Adjustment Bureau tells the story of David Norris (Mr. Damon), a man who glimpses the future planned for him and realizes he wants something else. To get it, he must pursue the only woman he’s ever loved (Ms. Blunt) and defy the agents of Fate—a mysterious group of men exerting control over their lives..

Ms. Blunt’s character in The Adjustment Bureau, Elise Sellas, is a Cedar Lake dancer and performs a solo, duet and ensemble installation piece, all choreographed by Company Artistic Director Pouffer. The film was released nationwide on March 4, 2011. www.theadjustmentbureau.com

Because Elise is a dedicated and skilled modern dancer with a downtown edge and personality, writer/director George Nolfi (writer of Ocean’s Twelve, co-writer of The Bourne Ultimatum) chose to work with Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet. Filming included scenes shot on location at Cedar Lake’s studio and performance spaces in the Chelsea gallery district of Manhattan.

Pouffer was asked to work with Emily Blunt on her transformation to a skilled modern ballet dancer. He stated: “My goal was to help an actress who never had danced professionally become a believable member of Cedar Lake, and further to create a solo, duet and ensemble piece for the film in the Cedar Lake aesthetic. Emily is a hard working and an extremely talented actress who was fully open to the challenge. 

Her acting skill was something that significantly helped her understand what we are trying to convey in the dance sequences. Together we learned that she could use her body to communicate in ways she hadn’t explored, and at the same time I learned how an actor could turn emotions into movement.”. Ms. Blunt worked with Pouffer and Cedar Lake for several months in preparation to film the dance scenes.

Adjustment Bureau DVD now available.
DVD contains extended scenes of Cedar Lake dancing and an interview with Artistic Director Benoit-Swan Pouffer, Matt Damon, Emily Blunt and George Nolfi.